Highlights from the first UiS Petro-Games

In a riveting showcase of industry knowledge and teamwork, the inaugural UiS Petro-Games competition proved to be a resounding success.

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Tre studenter holder en pokal og jubler.
From left Breno Eduardo Tavares Soares, Edgar Ricardo Del Pino Bullón, and Yan Wu. Photo: Private

Held in collaboration with Equinor, the event brought together student teams to compete in rapid-fire quiz rounds, tackling a spectrum of technical and non-technical questions pertinent to the oil and gas sector.

The competition witnessed fierce yet friendly rivalry, culminating in a gripping showdown that showcased the depth of talent within the student community. The Klemetine Team (Breno Eduardo Tavares Soares, Yan Wu, and Edgar Ricardo Del Pino Bullón) emerged as the champions, showcasing exceptional knowledge and teamwork throughout the contest. Their stellar performance earned them well-deserved accolades and the admiration of their peers.

Congratulations are also in order for the second-place team UiS Drillbotics (Sindre Bekkevik Gåseland and Abdul Hannan) and third-place team Matrix (Madhan Agista, Hazzaz Bin Yousuf, and Pouya Khalili).

The adjudication panel, comprising esteemed judges from the University of Stavanger and Equinor, played a crucial role in ensuring fairness and accuracy throughout the competition. From the University of Stavanger, Jan Aasen and Nestor Cardozo, as well as from Equinor, Borna Leš and Fatemeh Dibaei Moghaddam.

The competiton was organized by the SPE Stavanger Student Chapter.