Internship at UiS School of Business and Law

How do you get your CV to stand out when applying for a job after graduating? An internship prepares you for the job market by giving you relevant job experience and industry contacts while studying for your MSB degree.

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What is an internship?

With an internship, students work in a company with assignments that are relevant to the study program that the students attend.

At the UiS School of Business and Law, you can choose to take an internship course, MSB207 Internship, as part of your master's degree in Business Administration. The course gives 10 ECTS. It is an elective course during the last year of the MSB degree (3rd semester). For the bachelorprogram please check our Norwegian site on Internship.

Why internship?

An internship allows you to test what you learn in the study programme in practice. You get relevant work experience to help your CV stand out in the application pile.

The internship programme at the UiS Business school is flexible. You choose which company you want to intern with based on interests and career ambitions.

Companies with which our students have internships.

Practical information


Students who meet the requirement to take the course MSB207 Internship must obtain an internship in a company and get the internship approved. Details about participation in the internship can be found in the student portal.


Students will typically spend a couple of working days a week working in a company during the semester and combine this with taking the remaining subjects on campus.

Requirements for attending internship

Master's students who are to take the internship course must be able to point to full study progression.

Full course description for MSB207 Internship

Please read the full course description here: MSB207 Internship