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Master of Science in Business Administration

The MSc program in Business Administration offers a broad and exciting platform of theory and tools that will make you relevant and attractive for today's labor market. The UiS Business School has close contact with businesses and offers an active and social environment for students.

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Get an internationally accredited master's degree, tailored to your career ambitions

The MSc program in Business Administration ranks among the most recognised studies in Norway, is accredited by EFMD Global, and offers broad-ranging career opportunities nationally and abroad.

Students at the MSc program in Business Administration choose the main specialisation profile that includes at least three specialisation courses and the master thesis within the specialisation. Students are also required to widen their general knowledge in business administration by taking standard classes (Business Decision + Data Analytics and Research Methods) and at least 10 ECTS elective courses outside their specialisation. 

The MSc Program in Business Administration is accredited by EFMD Global, a recognised accreditation body for business schools, business school programmes, and corporate universities.

All the specialisations are open to international applicants. We provide an international and stimulating environment for students. 

The program offers the following specialisations:

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What will you learn?

In this two-year master’s programme in Business Administration, you learn relevant business skills, such as analytical tools, interpersonal skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, teamwork and a growth mindset.

The programme gives you a robust and versatile business education. You gain knowledge and skills within key areas of business. You also specialise in the subject area of your interest and career ambitions by choosing a major. The programme offers five specialisation’s that are highly relevant in today’s job market.

As a student in this programme, you become competent at analysing business challenges. You learn strategic and analytical thinking, how to translate data and theories into insights, and how to apply your knowledge to make appropriate business decisions. Sustainability and social responsibility are integrated into the program’s curriculum.

About the programme

2 years (4 semesters)

ECTS credits


Number of students

150 in total, local and international applicants

Start of studies

August every year

Language of instruction


Tution fee


Major: Choose a Specialisation to Build Your Career Path

Career prospects

The MSc program in Business Administration offers wide-ranging career opportunities in business, industry, government, and professional organisations, with prospects in terms of both leadership and professional expert careers. Examples of job content include economic research, fund management, investment analysis, corporate finance, energy and environmental impact analyses, system design for incentivized motivation, brand building and strategic marketing, industry development, regional, national or international administration, and work in development agencies, consultancies, think tanks, chambers of commerce, and innovative firms.  

A master of science degree in business administration also meets the formal requirement for admission to Ph.D. programs.

MSB Alumni: What former students are doing

Work and career

MSB candidates succeed in the job market

An MSB degree from UiS Business School helps you become attractive in the job market. Candidates get good and relevant jobs.

Job after graduating

74% got a job within 6 months after graduating.


84% earns more than 500.000 NOK a year.


98% has a full-time position and 81% has permanent employment.


77% work in the private sector.


Energy, finance, real estate, banking, industry, auditing, accounting, offshore, IT and consulting are the industries most candidates work in.

Source: Kandidatundersøkelsen 2021

Customise your degree


Get relevant work experience to help your CV stand out in the application pile.

Student exchange

Dreaming of an international career? Go abroad as part of your MSB degree.

Student testimonials

Richard Reistad

Everyone can feel comfortable at UiS , perhaps because of its size and diversity.

Cathrine J. Sønvinsen

I experienced a very close-knit , inclusive and rewarding student environment at the University of Stavanger Business School.

Torill Hebnes

The study environment at the MSB programme is inclusive and fun!

Learning outcomes

All study programmes at the UiS have a set of defined learning targets. Read more about the learning outcome for this study programme.


Students … 

  • are able to demonstrate sufficient scientific knowledge in theories and methods within key functional areas of business (accounting, finance, marketing, management, leadership, innovation, and strategy).  
  • are competent in investigating business challenges based on an understanding of their context and significance in the decision-making process.  
  • are engaged in the societal, environmental, and economic challenges of our time.  
  • possess advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of their specialisation (strategic marketing and analytics, economics, applied finance, leadership in a digital economy, and business development and innovation).  
  • possess a basic understanding of the diverse theoretical and empirical approaches in the wider field of business administration.  
  • have internalized the three dimensions of sustainability (Equity, Environment, Economy) and understand the role of the economic perspective therein.  


Students possess the skills to …  

  • effectively present ideas and decisions through the proper use of oral and written communication.  
  • identify, access, process, and analyze a variety of information sources and employ them to construct, test, and evaluate practical as well as scientific arguments.  
  • apply contemporary theories, methods, and interpretations within business administration in general and their areas of specialisation in particular.  
  • apply scientific knowledge to make appropriate business decisions.  
  • independently and in collaboration develop and/or carry out research and projects within their areas of specialisation.  
  • evaluate business practices from a sustainability perspective.  
  • thrive in a fast-changing business environment by applying intellectual breadth in business administration.  

General competence 

Students are able to … 

  • apply knowledge and skills to gain insights into new and unfamiliar areas.  
  • analyze relevant issues in a scientifically sound way.  
  • update their skills and pursue life-long learning.  
  • promote ethical and professional behavior.  
  • analyze relevant professional, academic, and ethical issues and act accordingly in a responsible and sustainable way.  
  • communicate with specialists and the general public on professional issues.  
  • contribute to innovation and innovation processes.  
  • take leadership to contribute to social goods through both for- and non-profit organizations.  
Study plan and courses
Already a student? Find the full study programme description and study plan here

Academic requirements

Applicants with foreign educational background must have a bachelor's degree with minimum 90 ECTS within economics and administrative disciplines: Business Economics, Administrative Science, Economics and Methodology. The subjects within the fields of business economics and administrative sciences must be equal to minimum 30 ECTS. Methodology must include both mathematics and statistics.

Admission to this master's programme requires a minimum grade average comparable to a Norwegian C (according to ECTS Standards) in your bachelor's degree.

Applicants who enter this programme based on these academic requirements will receive the degree, Master of Science in Business Administration, after completing the programme. They will not automatically obtain the professional title, siviløkonom.

Application and admission


and other admission requirements


For inquiries regarding admission to international Master's programmes, send an email to:

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Student life at UiS

Experience Stavanger

Beautiful nature. Colorful streets. Cultural experiences. Dynamic industries.

Information for international students

Accomodation. Visa and study permit. Scholarship and cost.


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Webinar: MSc in Business Administration

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