Play chess on the chessboard in the library

Would you like to play chess on the new chessboard in the library at campus Ullandhaug?

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Play chess in the Ullandhaug Library.

The chess table is located beside the piano in the middle of the library. Chess pieces are in a bag on top of the chessboard.

When you have finished playing, please put the chess pieces back into the bag again for the next players.

We also have a set of chess pieces that may be borrowed by everyone who has a library card at the university library. Ask for them at the library help desk.

The chess pieces may be borrowed during staffed hours and must be returned the same day. Remember to check that all the chess pieces are there before returning them. Every bag contains 17 white pieces and 17 black pieces. There is one extra queen in each colour.

The chess pieces belong to the chess table we were gifted by Sjakk & Samfunn in the autumn of 2022.


Sjakkbordet i biblioteket
Play chess on the chessboard in the library.