LaTeX 1: Introduction to LaTeX

Tuesday 12 September 2023 13:15-15:00,
University library, The Data Lab,
KE A-259.

Join the library for an introduction to the data managment software LaTeX.

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Introduction to LaTeX

This workshop is for people with no previous experience with LaTeX. Learn how to set up a document and its structure, table of contents, how to insert pictures, lists, tables, mathematical equations and cross references. We will also look at typical errors and how to avoid them.

Target audience: Students and staff at UiS Equipment: Your own laptop with a user in Overleaf Prior knowledge needed: No Language: English Where: University library, The Data Lab, KE A-259

After the class you should know:

  • How to create, edit and compile a document in LaTeX
  • How to use commands
  • How to create a front page and a table of contents
  • How understand error messages and to fix them
  • How to use cross references
User in Overleaf

Register in Overleaf and bring your laptop to the workshop.

Where is the class?

Stavanger University library, Data Lab, KE A-259.

More about LaTeX

Go to Canvas for more information about LaTeX.

Questions about LaTeX? Contact:

Division of Research
Stavanger University Library
Senior Research Librarian
KE A-286
Division of Research
Stavanger University Library

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