Researcher breakfast, UiS IRN: Empowering Research for a Stronger University

Thursday 5 October 2023 09:00-10:00,

Start your workday with inspiring sessions while enjoying your breakfast!

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The UiS Institutional Research Network (UiS IRN) is a network, established in January 2022, which connects university staff and students with expertise and research interests which are particularly relevant in developing organizational development and knowledge. 

Numerous universities globally have already established Institutional Research (IR) departments. In Norway, institutions such as NIFU, NOKUT, and the Ministry of Education and Research (particularly within the analysis department) engage in research within our sector. Typically, this kind of research offers a comprehensive understanding of common sector-wide issues but may not necessarily delve into institution-specific insights.

UiS possesses a wealth of data related to its operations, including business activities, research initiatives, and educational quality. These data resources hold untapped potential for more effective utilization in organizational research.

UiS IRN (University of Stavanger International Research Network) is focused on promoting research that contributes to a better understanding of various aspects related to the organization, as well as enhancing planning and management processes. This approach is common in many academic and research institutions, where research is seen as a means to improve decision-making and organizational effectiveness.

  • Are you a UiS researcher conducting studies in areas directly relevant to UiS as both an academic institution and an organization? 
  • Could your research benefit from access to UiS-specific data?
  • Furthermore, are you pursuing research topics that could be strengthened by fostering collaborations with individuals possessing expertise within the university and the broader research community?
  • Are you a supervisor for students who are going to write a bachelor's or a master's thesis within a relevant IRN theme and need assistance to gain access to data?

Welcome to Research Breakfast!

Breakfast will be served. 

Language: English.

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About Researcher Breakfast

Start your workday with inspiring sessions while enjoying your breakfast!

  • Meet other researchers
  • Expand your network
  • Catch up on the latest research at UiS
  • Get useful tips and training

The Researcher Breakfast is a series of webinars/events aimed at researchers, PhD students and anyone else interested.

Hosted by the Research Department and the University Library.


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