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Disputation for Katja Håheim

Friday 7 October 2022 10:00-15:00,
Kjell Arholms hus,
Auditorium A2.

Katja Håheim, PhD-candidate with the Faculty of Science and Technology, defends her dissertation on biological chemistry.

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Katja Håheim will be defending the thesis Divergent synthesis of Indolo (3.2-c) guinolines, neocryptolepines, and related tetracyclic ring-systems containing promising biological activities.

Trial lecture and disputation will take place in The University of Stavanger, Kjell Arholm House, Auditorium 2.

Trial lecture at 10.00. Given trial lecture topic: “Industrial use of biocatalysts in synthesis”. Disputation starts at 12.15.

The defense can also be followed in Zoom using this link

Meeting ID: 680 0334 6322
Password: 329563