Meet our international master students!

Our international master students share their experience at UiS and why they decided to come to Stavanger and Norway.

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Gio - student at MSc in Environmental Engineering

Hello, I am Georgeio and I come from the very tiny country of Lebanon.

Master student Georgeio in the lab.

My name is Georgeio, but you can call me Gio, as my friends do. I did my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and came to Norway to pursue my master’s in environmental engineering. One day, I decided that it was time to move onto bigger and better things. And Norway is the place for that.

Why leave your home country to study at the University of Stavanger?

My decision to leave Lebanon was motivated by the will to pursue a career in a meaningful profession and a prestigious university. I could not find a similar institution back home, and I was looking forward to having this international experience.

How has your experience at the University of Stavanger been?

I came to UiS two years ago and I can safely say I did the right thing.  I am now reaching the end of my journey here, but let me tell you all about it:

The environmental engineering master’s program is built in such a way that once one graduate from it, they can delve right into the industry with the security of knowing that they have the finest curriculum. Besides that, the close contact that UiS offers is wonderful. The reduced class sizes mean that most professors know you by name, and they are eager to help you professionally.

What do you like best about living here?

The nice thing about Stavanger is that everything is relatively close and getting around is easy. Here, international students usually know each other well. That helps a lot since International students are in this together. I am a member of the international student community, and in my view, the community is both helpful and knowledgeable.

If you have any questions, please do ask me. I will be happy to talk, answer questions, share information, and experience. We, as student ambassadors, are here to make your life easier. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon.   

Larissa - student at MSc in Petroleum Engineering

Hello, I am Larissa and I come from Brasil.

Larissa - master student. Photo by Elmo Salomon

Why leave your home country to study at the University of Stavanger?

I completed my bachelor’s in petroleum engineering in Brazil. When I graduated, the job market wasn’t looking promising for fresh graduates. Because of that, I decided that to keep studying so that I can be better prepared when starting my career. Besides that, the specialization course that I wanted to pursue didn’t exist in my country, so I started searching for universities in different countries. Norway was on top of my list. As a petroleum engineer, I am fascinated by Norwegian petroleum history. However, my decision was not limited to that. Norway is also one of the places with higher gender parity in the workplace and the quality of education is very high.

How has your experience at the University of Stavanger been?

It has been great. After my first year in the master's program, I was selected for a summer internship. At the end of my second year of the program, I will be, one more time, working with a company to write my thesis. I came to this country looking for opportunities and that is what UiS and Norway have been providing me. The University of Stavanger has a lot to offer to the students. Since I moved here, I have been able to take language courses, join congresses, be a panelist, do volunteer work, and meet incredible people... All made possible by the university. Not only that, but since the city of Stavanger and UiS are very international, every day I get to learn not only with the classes I take, but with people I meet from all over the world.

What do you like best about living here?

What I like the most is that if you work hard, Stavanger is a great place to be. I have made friends and lived experiences here that I will take with me forever. I am so proud and grateful for being part of the University of Stavanger! You should consider joining it too. I hope my experience can assist you with your decision. Good luck!

Lino Jr - student at Master in Service Leadership and International Business

Hello, I am Lino Jr and I come from the Republic of the Philippines.

Lino - master student at UiS

I graduated with my master’s degree in International Hospitality Management from the Norwegian School of Hotel Management at the University of Stavanger. It was an experience that contributed to both my personal and professional growth.

Why leave your home country to study at the University of Stavanger?

I had been working for almost a decade in the hospitality industry back in my home country before pursuing graduate school. I wanted to take a master’s program abroad, where my working experience would be relevant to the academic undertaking and in a place that uses several teaching methods.

The University of Stavanger was my first choice since it has the second oldest hotel school in the world.  It brings me so much excitement to explore what such a historical university has in store for me academically as an international student.

How was your experience studying at the University of Stavanger?

Great. The two-year program has equipped me with imperative skills and knowledge. Theoretically, I was able to establish an international perspective in terms of business operation, leadership, strategy, and human resource management in the field of hospitality and tourism. Technically, I was able to further build my passion for research and development through courses’ assignments and exams.

I feel that UiS shows appreciation to each student through acknowledgment of ideas, respect, as well as equality. Those were key elements to the creation of a harmonious classroom environment, which was ideal for the formation of long-lasting friendships.

Besides that, the study plan and program were tailored to provide a comprehensive learning outcome in a diverse group of students. Not only that, but the professors provided a fun learning experience by using an interactive approach during classes.

As a graduate of the master’s program, what did you take from your time at UiS?

 I feel that UiS defied my mind and heart to challenge the well-known and explore the unknown innovatively. The University of Stavanger prepared me to become a competent individual, who wants to make a difference in the world.  Not only that, but the University provides extra-curricular cultural and leisure activities for social development. The opportunity of joining those activities provided me a smooth integration in the university campus and the Norwegian society in general.

After finishing my master’s degree, I feel that those years of studying at UiS paid off - the help of the University resources together with the friendly personnel of the university made all difference.

 It was indeed a beautiful academic journey while living in a country powered by wonderful nature. With so much honor, I am a proud graduate of Master’s in international hospitality management in this institution who is ready to continue the quest in life for knowledge and with a heart so in-love to Norway.International master admission

Markus - student at MSc in Business Administration

Hello, I am Markus and I come from Germany.

Markus - international masterstudent

Why leave your home country to study at the University of Stavanger? 

Back in 2018, I had to decide where I want to attend some courses from my master's program in Business Administration. I always had the wish to live in Scandinavia, even though I had never been there before. This wish aroused over years, due to documentaries about the northern lights, the raw and beautiful landscapes, as well as the lower population density compared to my home country Germany. With that in mind, I chose to study in Norway, specifically in Stavanger. Stavanger is a student-like city which is close to the sea and not too large. Stavanger is big enough to have everything you need around, and small enough to meet your classmates accidentally in the city. And since the classes are small, it is easy for students coming from abroad to connect with the local society.

What did you like best about living here?

I liked the fact that the city and its surroundings offer endless choices of marvelous hikes, trips by ferries through the fjords, beaches, or sights to visit. Besides that, the Student Union organized several meetings and social events. More importantly: they usually organize a weekend trip to Bergen, which has been one of my favorite trips while I lived in Norway! During that trip, I made long-lasting friendships with fellow students from many different countries. Joining the Student Union is a good way to have an astonishing experience and to make friends.

How was your experience studying at the University of Stavanger?

Very good! the University of Stavanger offers a nice atmosphere for students with small and well-equipped classes and a good cafeteria. Besides that, it is possible to have close relationships with your professors. UiS additionally provides many great options for your leisure time. In this regard, I want to praise the large and new gym, which is just next to UiS. All in all, I have always been happy with my choice of studying at the University of Stavanger!

Andrea - student at Service Leadership and International Business

Hello - I am Andrea and I come from Romania.

Andrea - master student

Why leave your home country to study at the University of Stavanger?

I had completed a bachelor’s degree in PR and Communication and a master’s degree in Advertising before I came to Stavanger. However, I decided there was room for more. That is why I wanted to take a master’s program at UiS.
This master's program would allow me to deepen my knowledge and strengthen my academic research skills. It was something new, and a good opportunity for further development. My goal was to complete “the big picture”, study wise. That is what I wanted and…. I got it!

How has your experience at the University of Stavanger been?

I am pleased with the master’s program I chose since it included management, research, strategy, and all while focusing on Service Leadership. Learning comes easy at UiS, with a strong theoretical and practical approach to the program.
During classes, professors interact actively with students. In a relaxed and friendly manner, they provide clear explanations and were always open to discussions. At UiS, group work is emphasized, making it easier to get used to working in teams. I can say I really enjoyed it.

What do you like the most about the University of Stavanger?

I like that you can have an open conversation with anyone from administration to professors and receive professional guidance which helps you, especially if you are an international student. From a professional point of view, during your studies you have many opportunities. For example, I was a teaching assistant, which was extremely rewarding. You can have the chance to get involved in student unions and plan fun events, or even assist in Ph.D. projects. At UiS, visiting professors from other universities add new insights and knowledge to the course. In addition, making friends was easy since everyone is so welcoming.
Overall, I was impressed with the way everything was organized, making education accessible and engaging to all students.