Faculty board - Faculty of Performing Arts

The faculty board is responsible for determining the overall goals, priorities and strategies for the faculty.

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Faculty board 2017-2021

The Faculty Board shall, among other things, determine study offers, and submit proposals to the University Board and the Education Committee, as well as define an area for initiatives within research and public relations.

Permanent board members 

  • Per-Harald Nilsson, external (Chairman of the board) 
  • Siri Dybwik
  • Tor Yttredal
  • Friederike Wildschütz
  • Stein Inge Brækhus
  • Aslaug Margareth Vasshus
  • Birte Myhrstad, external
  • Ragnhild Kristine Midtbø, student
  • Trym Andersen, student


  • Lise Karin Meling
  • Brynjar Åbel Bandlien
  • Bettina Smith
  • Olaf Eggestad
  • Hagit Yakira
  • Theodor Barsnes Onarheim
  • Helga Husom
  • Elise Kolltveit Brekke
  • Anne Siri Norland
  • Agnete in't Veld Bendiksen
  • Morten Halle, external
  • Un-Margitt Nordset, external
  • Bjørgulv Vinje Borgundvaag, external

From the administration

  • Secretary/secretariat: Harald Eikaas, Dean 
  • Referent: Stig Åge Solemsli, Faculty director