Compassion with the earthquake victims

Rector Klaus Mohn calls on staff and students to take care of those affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

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Klaus Mohn portrett

On the night of Monday, Turkey and Syria were hit by a large earthquake. The WHO fears the death toll could reach 20,000.

«This is a terrible disaster that affects many, including here at the university. We have employees and students from Turkey and Syria. Others may have family, friends or acquaintances who may be affected. Our thoughts are with them all. I would like to encourage everyone to show special consideration for colleagues and fellow students who are now having a difficult time», says rector Klaus Mohn.

UiS has 14 employees from Turkey and two from Syria. We have 40 students and one exchange student from the two countries in question. In addition, there may be both students and employees who hail from this area but have Norwegian citizenship.

The university has the following offers for students and employees who need someone to talk to:

Students can contact SiS Health, who offer councelling.

Employees can contact the occupational health service, who offer crisis councelling