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Permitted aids during an exam

The faculty in charge of the course determines which aids are permitted during exams. Aids to written exams or tests may include written and printed materials, calculators, drawing equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

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An overview of permitted aids for the various exams is stated in the course descriptions and / or curricula.

It should also be clearly stated in the exam paper which aids are permitted, including the use of calculators. Aids that are not listed in the text will be confiscated, and this  will be regarded as cheating or attempting to cheat. During the exam the faculty is obligated to have a person available to clarify questions from the invigilators concerning the use of aids.

For queries regarding any of the matters above please contact the administration at your department or


It is stated in the course description whether a calculator may be used during an exam.

Bilde av en kalulator. Foto: Ray Teyes

If a calculator is permitted, it should be a plain, ordinary calculator. Programmable calculators are not allowed unless this is specifically stated in the exam text. Equipment for connecting to the mains power, magnetic card, output devices or other calculators is not permitted. The calculator must not emit noise.

There may be other limitations for the use of calculators than those set forth in this point. Violation of the provisions of this will be considered as an attempt to cheat.

The current guidelines for students at the Faculty of Science and Technology, decision of 10.11.2016 states the following:

An "approved simple calculator" means a calculator with simple numerical and trigonometric functions. Currently this includes only HP30S, all Casio FX82, Texas Instruments TI-30XB, Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro, Citizen SR-270X, Texas BA II Plus, HP17bII +, Citizen SR-260N and Casio FX85GT Plus.

The current guidelines for students at the UiS Business School, decision of 21.03.2018 states the following:

An ''approved simple calculator'' means a calculator with simple numerical trigonometric functions. Currently this includes HP30S, all Casio FX82, Texas Instruments TI-30XB, Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro, Citizen SR-270X, Texas Instruments BA II Plus, HP17bII+, Citizen SR-260N, Casio FX85GT Plus, HP10B II +, Casio SL-300NC and CASIO SL-310UC.

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