Pint of Science 2024

Monday 13 May 19:00 - Wednesday 15 May 20:30,
Blåveis, Søregata 22, Stavanger.

Join us at Blåveis!

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Plakat for Pint of Science

Pint of Science Stavanger is looking forward to hosting the 2024 edition of this science outreach festival.

When: May 13-15

Where: Blåveis in the city centre  

This year´s topic is “Transitions”. A diverse set of speakers from the region cover different fields that are in a transition at this moment.

Note: The event will be in English.

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13 May – work & health

  • Espen Olsen, UiS: The Good, the Bad, and Remote Work
  • Kjersti Tjensvoll, SUS: Monitoring of quality of life after cancer- the REBECCA study
  • Alina Meloyan, UiS: Investing in the Future or Paying the Price? Norway's Tuition Fees and the Labor Market Tomorrow

14 May – science, food & pharma

  • Helena Kolesova, UiS: Phase transitions: in our kitchen or shortly after the Big Bang
  • Delphine Crappe, Skretting: Future of Food: Exploring the Potential of Cultivated Meat
  • Liza van Sang, UiS: Sunlight degradable antibiotics

15 May – AI and society

  • Aksel Trøan, UiA: AI in cybersecurity
  • Kjersti Engan, UiS: Can we use AI in cancer diagnostics?
  • Hassan Zakaria, Zakatelier: Fusion of AI and Art