Andreas Åvitsland

Førsteamanuensis i idrettsvitenskap

Faculty of Arts and Education
Department of Education and Sports Science
HG N-317



  • PhD of educational sciences, UiS. Subject: School interventions for increased physical activity; association between physical fitness and mental health; implementation.
  • MSc of sports science, WNUAS. Subject: Lifestyle choices; nudging; how to influence workers in office buildings to use stairs, not elevators.
  • BSc of sports and physical education, WNUAS. Subject: Physical activity and exercise amongst inmates in prison; how does exercise influence the relationships between inmates and correctional officers.

Work experience

  • 2020 - present: Associate professor of sports science and physical education, UiS
  • 2017-2020: PhD candidate, UiS
  • 2012-2014: Personal trainer

Research areas of interest

  • Physical activity and health (physical fitness, mental health, behavior change, active transportation, and more)
  • Outdoor education (nordic friluftsliv)
  • Physical activity in school
  • Implementation

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