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Digital Subsurface for Improved Decisions

Large amounts of subsurface data are available, but current workflows and programs for subsurface understanding are not optimal, resulting in inadequate utilization of datasets.

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Digital Subsurface for Improved Decisions​, illustrasjon

To build a Sustainable Subsurface Value Chain and make more informed decisions, digitalization and ML are necessary to integrate the knowledge and competence building from different WPs.

A digital infrastructure, Subsurface Knowledge Cloud (SKC), will be established to provide readily usable data and high-performance computing power and visualization tools.

Research questions
  1. How can we effectively utilize all available data from available data sources across multiple sites?
  2. How can we develop automated workflows allowing for more robust forecasts from subsurface models  with feasible computational cost?
  3. How can important uncertainties be accounted for quantifying uncertainties in model forecasts?
  4. How can ML extract relevant information for decision-making and quantifying data value?

Key People

Geir Evensen
Chief Scientist
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science