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National Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Utilization of

the Norwegian Continental Shelf


The author(s) acknowledge the Research Council of Norway and the industry partners of NCS2030 – RCN project number 331644 – for their support.

Project code

When you register results and dissemination in the CRIStin database related to the NCS2030 centre, please make sure to use project code 331644 and source RCN (Forskningsrådet).

Defended his thesis on reservoir optimization

Micheal B. Oguntola has studied optimization and modelling of enhanced oil recovery injection strategies in his PhD proj...

Defining Future Subsurface Education Needs in Collaboration with the Energy Industry

This project (SUBSET) aims to increase the relevance of subsurface course content to actual needs in the energy indust...

New centre for sustainable subsurface utilization

University of Stavanger with partners have been awarded the National Centre for Sustainable Utilization of Energy Resour...

Won their group in Drillbotics

Five UiS students made it all the way to the top in their group in the Drillbotics contest.

Looking towards 8 years of subsurface research

University of Stavanger, NORCE, IFE and University of Bergen are partners in an application for a new petrosenter, focus...

UiS team in the PetroBowl finals

Five petroleum engineering students from University of Stavanger reached the finals in the prestigous PetroBowl contest.

Top students win industry awards

Repsol, IKM Acona and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 275,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS.

New possibilities for geosciences at UiS

The Department of Energy Resources at UiS is investing in new equipment and new research areas within geotechnics and ge...

Interdisciplinary centre for Hydrogen Safety and Governance (HySAGO)

The vision for HySAGO is to establish a globally recognised centre for groundbreaking interdisciplinary research on the ...


The 7th IOR NORWAY is arranged 26-28 April 2021. The digital event will be co-organized with the 14th International Symp...

Awards to the best petroleum students

The best first year master students in petroleum geosciences and petroleum engineering got a well-deserved Christmas pre...

Software Donations

Research and education today cannot be conducted without using state of the art software products. For an academic insti...

Structural Geology

Structural Geology is the study of tectonic deformation. We focus on the deformation of the upper crust and how it affec...

Smart Water

Smart Water for enhanced oil recovery is a research field at UiS.

Provenance Studies

Provenance research tracks the transport routes of sediment. Such research is done for various reasons, such as paleogeo...

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging (lidar) research focus on the planning and collection of lidar data as well as the processin...


Geophysics uses measurements of physical quantities to make inferences about the geological properties of the Earth and ...

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information science (GIS) research focuses on the analysis of spatial relationships, defining uncertainty, an...

Decision and data analytics

Value can only be created through our decisions. Uncertainty is inseparable from all significant decisions. You can’t ma...


Geosciences is an important expertise are within the energy sector, environment, construction among others.

Department of Energy Resources

The Department of Energy Resources is a strong academic environment with international top-level research and education.

IOR 2020 webinar summed up

55 people logged in to the IOR NORWAY webinar to listen to four of the speakers from the original conference programme.

Energy Engineering and Geoscience - PhD

Energy Engineering and Geoscience is a subfield within the doctoral programme in Science and Technology at UiS. The subf...

Theme 2: Reservoir characterisation to improve volumetric sweep

Theme 2 works with the integration of field data such as pressure, temperature, seismic data, tracer data, geophysical d...

The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental shelf through academic...

Ongoing projects – The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental shelf through academic...

Finished projects – The National IOR Centre of Norway

The Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental shelf through academic excellence a...

IOR NORWAY 2018 summed up

270 participants caught up on the newest in IOR research at this year's big IOR event at University of Stavanger.

IOR NORWAY 2019 summed up

The sixth annual conference hosted by The National IOR Centre of Norway is history. Hopefully the participants got a ref...


Click on the links below for abstracts or PDFs of the presentations from IOR NORWAY 2017.

How do we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Affordable and clean energy, climate action and education are important contributions from NCS2030.

FNs bærekraftsmål

NCS2030 contributes to several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy) by building new competence and research solutions for the Sustainable Subsurface Value Chain, SDG 13 (climate action) by providing solutions for a NZE society by 2050; SDG 4 (education) by educating the new generation of professionals for the energy transition; and also SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth); SDG 9 (industry, innovation, and infrastructure) by building competence for new business opportunities; SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production) by providing solutions for low-emission and effective utilization of the subsurface; SDG 14 (Life below water) by safe subsurface storage of CO2/H2 and reduced water discharge to sea; and SDG 5 (gender equality) by setting the ambitious goal that at least 40% of center staff will be female.


Management team

Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Energy Resources
Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Energy Resources
Christian Dye
Research Director
Zachary Paul Alcorn
University of Bergen

Work package leaders

Stéphane Polteau
Research Scientist
Viktoriya Yarushina
Department Head
Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Energy Resources
Ying Guo
Special Adviser
Geir Evensen
Chief Scientist
EOJ 244
UiS Business School

Department of Economics and Finance
Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Energy Resources


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