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Efficient Water Management for NZE

The amount of water injected, produced and discharged to sea in aging fields on the NCS is increasing. Water handling is energy-intensive and costly, thus efficient water management is crucial for field economics and effective management will help to protect the environment.

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Efficient water management
Courtesy from Equinor
Research questions
  1. How can water production and recirculation be minimized by conformance control technologies?
  2. How can produced water re-injection (PWRI) become an opportunity for improved recovery and can it be combined with CO2 applications, such as CO2/WAG?
  3. How can tracers be used to measure reservoir thief zones for water-shutoff operations?

Key People

Ying Guo
Special Adviser
Arne Stavland
Chief Researcher Scientist
Reza Askarinezhad
Sindre Hassfjell
Senior Scientist