Environmental risk assessment of enhanced oil recovery solutions

In his PhD work, Mehul Vora has contributed to new knowledge about the environmental risk related to shortlisted products and processes in improved and enhanced oil recovery.

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Mehul Vora disputerer.
Mehul Vora. Photo: Kjersti Riiber

The title of the PhD project is Environmental risk assessment of enhanced oil recovery solutions. Mehul Vora defended his dissertation for the PhD degree 13th of June 2023. His PhD was done at the National IOR Centre of Norway, a research collaboration between UiS, IFE and NORCE, funded by the Research Council of Norway and nine industry partners.

The purpose of Vora's project has been to develop and implement risk analysis methods and models in support to assess and evaluate overall environmental impacts and risks associated with different IOR solutions (products or processes) resulting from the IOR Centre's research activities. The aim is to use the concrete risk analysis results in the decision-making process regarding R&D priorities, and more broadly to contribute to the general development of methods, models and the foundations of environmental risk assessment (ERA).

Vora has developed tools for risk-informed decision-making. His project connected with the other research activities in the IOR Centre by gathering information about the solution developed, assessing the associated environmental risk, and providing decision support to the further R&D activities.