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Near Field Resource Evaluation

The objective of this work package is to develop a holistic petroleum system model and exploration for sustainable use of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.​

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Illustrasjon av reservoar
Objectives / scope

Develop a holistic petroleum system model​:

  • Unlock yet-to-find reserves in mature near-field areas​
  • Fluid migration with HC + Brine system​

Exploration for sustainable use of Norwegian Continental Shelf​:

  • Provide new energy and storage opportunities​
  • Extend the life of existing infrastructure​
Research questions​
  1. How can we maximize data usage for building an integrated model of near-field areas and build predictive models for reservoir quality and distribution? ​
  2. What is the most efficient strategy to identify HC or geothermal reserves, and identify storage sites for H2 and CO2 to extend the life of infrastructure for long-term sustainable energy production?​
  3. How can we improve the understanding of fluid migration to increase the success of exploration, and reduce uncertainties and risks related to leakage when injecting wastewater, CO2 and H2?​

Key people

Stéphane Polteau
Research Scientist
Magnus Wangen
Research Scientist
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Energy Resources
Tuhin Bhakta
Research Scientist