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Net-Zero Emission (NZE) Production​

Hydrocarbon (HC) production is energy intensive and emits large amounts of CO2. ​ There is an urgent need to develop concepts and implement new energy-efficient solutions to produce HC resources at the lowest possible emissions. ​

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Research questions​
  1. How to improve production for both conventional and tight reservoirs using CO2, polymer, smart water, and mobility control foam to save energy and significantly reduce the overall CO2 emissions?​
  2. What is the late life IOR potential combined with CO2 storage, and what is the optimal timing?​
  3. How can smart wells and advanced stimulation technologies contribute to improved production, in combination with remaining oil saturation measurements using partitioning tracers near wellbore?​

Key People

Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Energy Resources
John Zuta
Research Director, EOR/SCAL
Sissel Opsahl Viig
Director of field implementation
Zachary Paul Alcorn
University of Bergen