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Reservoir Utilization for Energy Transition​

The main objective of this work package is to improve the reservoir energy production strategy with carbon capture and storage​.

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Reservoir utilization for energy transition​, illustration
Objectives / scope
  • Improve the reservoir energy production strategy with carbon capture and storage​
  • Describe and understand H2 storage and retrieval mechanisms in different geological formations​
  •  Provide tracer monitoring, leakage remediation and mitigation strategies for waste and energy storage ​
  • Model reactive flow transport in deformable porous rocks for reliable assessment of storage sites ​
  • Investigate if HPHT reservoirs can be utilized as geothermal heat mining sites ​
Research questions​
  1. What is the reliability and capacity of CO2 and H2 storage sites on the NCS? ​
  2. How can HPHT gas and condensate reservoirs be converted for geothermal heat production in the NCS? ​
  3. What is the best strategy to prevent leakages during injection and long-term storage? ​
  4. What is the impact of reactive flow in deformable porous rocks on the performance and safety?​

Key People​

Viktoriya Yarushina
Department Head
Mario Silva
Research Scientist
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Energy Resources
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering