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Adaptations for outbound student exchange

The University of Stavanger would like all students to have the same opportunities to go on a an Exchange semester abroad.

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Do you have a physical disability? Do you have reading or writing problems or a persistent illness that require adaptations in a study situation? Don't let this stop you going on a student exchange!

If you have particular needs, it is important to inform us about this at an early stage in the process so that we can try to facilitate your needs in the best possible way during the student exchange. This is particularly important if you will be taking part in practical placement/traineeship. You will also need to get documentation of your disability from your medical doctor early in the process. 

In addition, it is important that you check at an early stage if you can take with you any prescribed medications you require abroad if these are not available in the county to which you are travelling. 

Please contact the International Office via the Exchange guide in the Digital service desk if you are planning to go on a student exchange. We are bound by confidentiality of obligations. 

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