Outbound Exchange

Are you wondering where and when you can go on an exchange in your study programme? Or what you must consider before, during and after your stay abroad? Find everything you need to plan the journey of a lifetime!

Outbound exchanges in 2023



UiS students went on exchanges all around the world. Many travelled to European countries through Erasmus+.

Popular countries

In Europe: Denmark, Netherland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Outside Europe: USA and Australia.

Exchange Events

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Why go on an exchange

How to apply

Preparations for your stay abroad

Remember this when you return

You must apply for final approval of the courses og traineeship taken during your exchange.

How to apply for final approval.

Students who have been on an Erasmus+ exchange must submit documentation of their stay abroad and a report within the deadline.

Information about these documents.

Short-term mobility

Other opportunities