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Contact information regarding examination

Du you have questions about examination that you don't find an answer to on these pages?

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For questions regarding home examination, oral exams, grading, absence, justification for and appeal against grades, please contact your faculty.

Faculty of Science and Technology

51 83 31 26

Faculty of Health Sciences

51 83 14 51

UiS Business School

Tine Gjermstad Johansen

51 83 45 35

Eirik Østensjø Tjelle

51 83 11 89

The Faculty of Arts and Education

Department of Teacher Education

51 83 34 13 (Teacher Education)

51 83 12 23 (Sport's Science, Special Needs Education)

Department of Cultural Studies and Languages

Asta Midttun

51 83 12 23

Department of Early Childhood Education

Anlaug Åsnes

51 83 35 13

The Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Media and Social Science

Kari Riste

51 83 15 35

Norwegian School of Hotel Management

51 83 37 00

Department of Social Studies

Per Kolstrup

51 83 37 92

Faculty of Performing Arts

Classical Music:

Anne Siri Norland

51 83 45 71

Jazz and Dance:

Lena Crosby Haug

51 83 40 42

MPO and PPU:

Elina Borg Bjørnstrøm

51 83 13 27

Digital Studies:

Ranja Gärtner

51 83 40 00

Department of Lifelong Learning/Continuing Education

51 83 30 41

Reading Centre

Ellen Rafos

51 83 31 45

For other inquiries, contact:

Central Examination Office

51 83 24 05

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