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Project in Computer Science DAT620

The project gives practice in solving a research assignment within the computer science area.

Course description for study year 2021-2022

Course code




Credits (ECTS)


Semester tution start


Number of semesters


Exam semester


Language of instruction

English, Norwegian

Learning outcome
After having completed this course the student shall have detailed knowledge of the topic covered by the project, and be able to perform thorough research and development work within the specific topic.

The project gives practice in solving a research assignment within the computer science area. The project is intended as a pre-project for the master thesis. Project tasks are announced by the Department before the semester starts; projects can also be proposed by the student or a company, but approval is strict. It is not required that the student continues the work in a master thesis project, but such an opportunity is given in some cases. That is, the student is free to choose another master project. The Department assigns projects based on grades and the students ability to solve the selected task. If the student lacks the necessary prerequisites, one may risk not being assigned a project.

Every project must have a responsible Professor and a supervisor. For Department projects, the supervisor and responsible Professor may be the same person.

Required prerequisite knowledge
Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Rapport 1/1 Letter grades All

The course is evaluated (internally) based only on the submitted report.Each student must submit an individual report.

Course teacher(s)
Course teacher: Vinay Jayarama Setty
Course teacher: Krisztian Balog
Course coordinator: Naeem Khademi
Course teacher: Erlend Tøssebro
Course teacher: Naeem Khademi
Course teacher: Hein Meling
Head of Department: Tom Ryen
Course teacher: Rong Chunming
Method of work
15 hours of project work per week corresponding to 10 ECTS. The project report must be handed in before 17th of December. There are not ordinary lectures in this course; each student will receive independent supervision from the assigned supervisor. It is expected that the student performs independent work between supervision sessions similar to what is expected for a master's thesis.
Open for
Computer Science - Master`s Degree Programme
Course assessment
Usually carried out using an evaluation form and/or discussion with the supervisor.
Overlapping courses
Course Reduction (SP)
Project in Computer Science (MID240) 10
The syllabus can be found in Leganto