Folken – the students' culture house in Stavanger

Concert? Theatre? Quiz? Stand Up? As well as being a live music venue for the entire region, Folken is a centre for cultural student activities, where students are invited to create whatever is meaningful to them.

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Konsert i storsalen på Folken

International, national and local artists and bands in all genres perform on Folken's three stages. Photo: John Rodger/Folken.

Artist på scenen på Folken

Folken is a great arena to spend time and make new friends. Photo: Teodor Bø/Folken.

To studenter med filmkamera på studenthuset Folken

The volunteer spirit is the backbone of the house. Photo: Johanna Instebø/Folken.

Artist Izabell på scenen på Folken

The main venue, Storsalen, has a capacity of 650 people. Photo: Johanna Instebø/Folken.

Folken. Foto: Siri Jeanette Pedersen

Folken is also a centre for cultural student activities.

Dansende studenter på Folken omgitt av ballonger

Folken is one of Stavanger’s oldest, best and busiest live concert venues

Huset Folken med hovedinngang

In 1988 students took over the Folken building and finally had a house of their own in the city centre.

Built in 1925, Folken was originally the workers union's house in Stavanger and later became a movie theatre. In 1988 students took over the building and finally had a house of their own in the city centre.

As a student in Stavanger, Folken offers you the opportunity to get involved, to meet new people and last but not least, get discounts on everything. Run by an administration dedicated to serving the students' interests, and a group of nearly 100 volunteers filling the house with a variety of activities. Only your imagination and physics set the limits for what is possible at Folken. Concerts in Folken's main hall, Storsalen, make up the majority of the program and the venue is established in Norway and Scandinavia as a natural stop on the tours of domestic and international artists.


Ever since Folken started as a student society house in 1988 volunteering – and the volunteer spirit – has been the backbone of the house. We offer an arena where you can make new friends, learn new skills and grow! The discounts you get in the bar and the shows you get to attend for free, are just a bonus. Be a bartender, work with sound and lights, or be a part of the hospitality group making artists and audiences feel comfortable and welcome at Folken.

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Rent one of our premises free of charge for student parties and other student-related events. We have three rooms, the Great Hall, «The Caves» and the Aquarium.

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