Sustainability research is now available to everyone

A new service that makes it easier for anyone to find and read Norwegian research related to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) has been launched.

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To ansatte smiler i kamera
Inger Gåsemyr og Håkon Magne Bjerkan har vært prosjektmedarbeidere ved Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger.

Find SDG Research has been built by the libraries at University of Stavanger, University of Bergen, and Western Norway University of Applied Science.

At you can search for publications using search terms or browse lists of publications per SDG (and target). Much research is made openly available, which means you can click on a publication to access and read it. The service covers research from Norwegian institutions published from 2015 and onwards.

In addition to research results and information about these, the website provides statistics of research results related to the SDGs registered in the research information system Cristin.  Search strings and code that were used to identify publications related to the SDGs are available on the website and may be reused to find publications in Web of Science or other data sources.

Find SDG Research is a result of the project Sustainable development research for all, financed by the National Library of Norway (2021-2023).

Available to everyone

plakat bærekraft

Inger Gåserud and Håkon Magne Bjerkan at UiS have worked on the project for 2 years.

The new search engine makes the research available to municipalities, businesses, and anyone interested in research related to the UN's sustainability goals.

The search engine covers 10 of the sustainability goals, and UiS has had primary responsibility for Sustainable cities and communities. UiS has an established research environment within Smart sustainable cities research.

The work has been presented in various research environments and teacher networks.

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Are you interested in sustainability? Then you can test out this service.

Going forward, the service will continue to be operated and improved. Do you have feedback and suggestions for improvements?


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