StartUp Booster

Wednesday 27 September 2023 16:00-20:00,
Lyspæren Innovasjonshus.

LevelUp Student Incubator hosts StartUp Booster for the fourth time!

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Fall is the season to kickstart new beginnings, and for the fourth time, we're giving you the chance to participate in the StartUp Booster incubator program that will turbocharge your business idea! 

This isn't just your average course – it's an accelerator for your business concept! We'll take you through 6 workshops that will provide you with the essential tools to shape and accelerate your idea into reality.

You'll be guided by industry experts who will dive into key aspects such as market analysis, team building, customer communication, market research, and financing strategies. Each week brings a fresh learning opportunity, with our experienced speakers conducting engaging workshops that offer direct insights into the current topic.

StartUp Booster is open to all students, regardless of their field of study. The only requirement is that you're a student and that you are excited to learn about the startup-process!

The program kicks off on September 27th and takes you through six afternoons/evenings. Explore the exciting program schedule below to see the weekly topics we'll be delving into:

Week 39 (Wednesday, 27.09): Market and Customer Focus – Begin with a Strong Foundation!
Week 40 (Wednesday, 04.10): Mastering Sales – How to Secure Your First Customer!
Week 42 (Wednesday, 18.10): Build Your Business Model and Team – Create Your Formula for Success!
Week 43 (Wednesday, 25.10): Protection and Financing – From Idea to Reality!
Week 44 (Wednesday, 01.11): Perfect Pitch – Become a Master at Presenting Your Idea!
Week 45 (Wednesday, 08.11): Closing Day – Celebrate Your Journey in Style!

Our goal is not only to strengthen your business idea but also to provide you with the confidence and insight you need to take the next step. StartUp Booster is all about action, learning, and collaboration.

Are you ready to elevate your idea to new heights? Apply easily by following this:

If you have questions about the program, registration, or anything else, feel free to email us at – we're here to assist you on your StartUp journey! 

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