Startup Lunch with Sanna Khursheed!

Tuesday 20 February 2024 12:15-13:15,
Lyspæren innovasjonshus.

We are excited to invite you to an inspiring Startup Lunch session with the talented Sanna Khursheed.

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Take a break from your studies and join us for an hour filled with insights, experiences, and motivation.

Who is Sanna Khursheed?

Sanna Kursheed
Sanna Kursheed

Sanna Khursheed is a Norwegian-Pakistani economist, 35 years old, living in beautiful Sandefjord. Her journey began as an economist in Stavanger, but today, she has created a unique place in the world of beauty. Sanna is now recognized as a specialist in skin makeup, and her passion for providing solutions for all skin tones and types has made her a sought-after beauty entrepreneur.

 A journey of changes

Sanna's story is marked by determination. When the pandemic hit and challenged her career, she made wise decisions and leveraged the power of social media. This not only led to online success but also brought her back to the classroom to further her education and realize her dreams.

Details for Startup Lunch with Sanna Khursheed:

  • Date: 20.02.24  
  • Time: 12:15-13:15 
  • Place: Lyspæren innovasjonshus 

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