Student Life

Sport, nature experiences and other leisure activities are also part of the student life. Enjoy your time as a student in Stavanger.

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Nature life

There is much to discover in the Stavanger region for the nature lover.

Dalsnuten. Photo by: Samuel Han

From beaches to high mountains, the region is rich in nature and you can get fantastic experiences not far from the city. Miles of beaches and their waves attract artists as well as swimmers and surfers, even from abroad. 

You can take a boat trip to the beautiful fjords which are located just outside the Stavanger peninsula. 

You have easy access to the Lysefjord, which is known for the spectacular Pulpit Rock and Kjerag. Or maybe you want to take a drive to the ski terrain and slopes?

You can find more information at Region Stavanger and the Norwegian Trekking Association.

The Student House

In autumn 2011 the Student House was established in the centre of the UiS Ullandhaug campus.

Studentenes hus, campus Ullandhaug

The building is used as the basis of student activities on campus. Here you can find the offices of different student organisations and the student chaplain, as well as the student-run pub, TappetÃ¥rnet.

Student Welfare Organization (SiS)

Student Welfare Organization (SiS) in Stavanger offers many services for students at the University of Stavanger.

Students. Photo by: Priscilla Du Preez
  • The largest sports centre in Rogaland county, which is located on Ullandhaug campus.
  • The university bookshop Akademika where you can get the books for your courses, study materials, and literature.
  • Six student cafeterias at the University of Stavanger, five of which are located on the Ullandhaug campus and one at Bjergsted campus. 

More information at the SiS website.

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