Transportation and parking

On this page you will find information about how to get to and from Ullandhaug by bicycle, bus and car.

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Travelling by bus

You can plan your bus journey on the web pages of the public transport company Kolumbus. If you have registered as a student, you get a discount on your bus tickets. If you buy tickets at a discount, you must bring your student ID while travelling.

Travelling by bicycle

If you have a bike you can get to our campuses at Ullandhaug or Bjergsted by using the roads or bicylce paths. Parking is available for 960 bikes on Ullandhaug, most of which are under a roof. 

Travelling by car and parking license

It is free to park on the University campus, but to avoid fines you must park correctly.

Please note that some parking spaces are reserved for those with a special permit. Parking here or outside marked spaces will result in a fee and / or towing at the owner's expense. It can sometimes be difficult to find parking spaces, especially right after the start of the semester. We therefore encourage our students and staff to use public transport or bicycle instead of travelling by car, and guests to be in good time at events.

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