Documentation Requirements for International Applicants

Having checked your eligibility, you now have to apply and upload the required documents within 1 December (non-EU/EEA applicants) and 1 March (EU/EEA applicant).

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Important information to read before uploading your documents

  • You are not allowed to create more than one user profile in SøknadsWeb. If you create more than one user profile in SøknadsWeb, all applications will be deleted.
  • Only upload what is required. Unrequested documents will not be taken into consideration and only delays the evaluation of your application.
  • Only upload official documents. Student copy/unofficial transcripts are not considered official.
  • All documentation has to be uploaded as PDF-files. We do not accept documents via e-mail or post unless explicitly requested by us. We do not accept Word, PNG, JPG, ZIP or RAR files, only PDF. Documents consisting of several pages must be scanned together into one PDF-file.
  • Documents must be clear, legible and appear 'right-side up'. Applications containing bad quality copies and unreadable documents will be rejected. 
  • Name your files as instructed below and register your documents under the correct type of document. If you need to upload more than one document under the same type of document, it is possible.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to upload all required documents within the deadline. The university does not ask for missing documents. Incomplete applications will be rejected regardless of academic qualifications.
  • Check the documents you have uploaded in My Documents in Søknadsweb. If you have applied previously, you do not need to upload the same documents again. However, your CV must be updated. It looks like the document is missing under Status required documents, but as long as your document is saved under Document archive, you do not need to upload the same documents again. But you are welcome to re-upload under the correct type of document if you wish.
  • Applicants cannot upload documents past the application deadline. Any documentation deleted after the application deadline cannot be uploaded again to your application. Any documents deleted after the deadline in your application will not be considered.

Additional country specific requirements

Applicants who have completed university education in Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroon, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iran, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, USA or Zimbabwe have additional documentation requirements. Please check the Country List for further information.

List of required documents

Required DocumentFile name in SøknadswebHow to submit
1. CVCVCV must be up to date and uploaded as one PDF file.
2. Transcript of recordsTOR-BC (Bachelor's)
TOR-MA (Master's)
Upload the official transcript of records from all your higher education. Student copies are not accepted.

If the documentation is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated into English. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file.
3. Diploma(s)DIP-BC (Bachelor's)
DIP-MA (Master's)
Upload the final diploma from your higher education.

If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated into English. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in the same PDF file.
4. English language requirementsENGUpload the official score report as a PDF file.
If you require an extension to submit your English score report, follow the instructions here.
If you are exempted from the English language test, you need to upload documentation proving the exemption reason (e.g. your diploma from upper secondary school)
5. Final diploma from higher secondary educationSEC-country
(Ex: SEC-Nigeria)
Upload final diploma from your higher secondary school. This document does not need to be translated.
6. Passport copy/ Documentation of change of name (if applicable)PASSUpload only the page with the photograph and name. The passport must be valid at the time of application.
If you have changed your name, please provide this documentation in the same PDF file.
7. Documentation of Financing (only required for non- EU/EEA applicants)FINNon-EU/EEA applicants must document access to at least NOK 137 907 for the first academic year (this amount is for the academic year 2023/2024). If you get admitted, this amount needs to be transferred to UiS immediately after admission. More information here.
The documentation of financing can be documented with a recent official bank statement* in your own name, a letter confirming that you are eligible for a scholarship/student loan from your home country, OR a sponsor guarantee letter and sponsor's recent official bank statement*.
(*The bank statement can be in any currency, should not be more than three months old and has to be in English.)
If you live in Norway with a valid residential permit, you do not need to provide the documentation of financing. Instead, you should upload a copy of your valid resident permit.

If you have not yet graduated,

you may deliver your final diploma and transcript after the deadline. Please submit the following document within 1 December (non-EU/EEA applicants)/ 1 March (EU/EEA applicants):

This document must be signed by your university and submitted together with an interim transcript which includes all the courses you have taken until the day of applying. Still, all other required documentation must be uploaded within the deadline.

Please note that you will only be considered for admission if there are still available study places at the time when you deliver your final diploma and transcript. When delivering the final diploma and transcripts, your documentation must also fulfill any additional documentation requirements stated in the Country list.

If you have not yet taken English tests,

EU Applicants

The last day to submit test results is 1 May

Non-EU/EEA Applicants

If you cannot upload your English test results by the application deadline (1 December), you can get an extension to submit your English test results by following the instructions below:

Please upload a copy of your test registration receipt with ETS TOEFL/IELTS Academic/PTE Academic/Cambridge English Qualifications as a PDF to your online application within the application deadline.

  • The deadline to submit the English test registration receipt to your application is 1 December 2023

As soon as you receive your English test result, submit them by email to You should attach your English test result as a PDF and include your application number and the study programme you applied for in the email.

  • The deadline to submit your late English test results by email is 1 February 2024

Important Notes

By applying to the University of Stavanger you agree to allow the University of Stavanger to verify the authenticity of your documentation. The University of Stavanger maintains the right to contact governments, agencies, institutions and associations in order to verify your documentation.

In case it is not possible to verify your documents, your application may be rejected. Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.