How to apply to UNIS - Inbound exchange students

You can apply to study at UNIS Svalbard if you are nominated for an exchange period at University of Stavanger (UiS).

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Person watching the Northern Lights at Svalbard

UNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard

If you want to apply for courses at UNIS, you must apply for admission to both UNIS and UiS. You must follow both application procedures in detail and both UiS and UNIS require that you upload copies of official transcripts to document your grades and student status.

Deadlines to apply to UNIS

15. April


15. October


15. February

Deadlines to apply to UiS

1. May


1. November

UiS as a second choice

UNIS may have more applicants than places for exchange students, and some semesters there are students who are not offered admission. We therefore recommend that you consider applying for courses at UiS as well as UNIS, that way you will have the option to come to UiS as a second choice.

If you want UiS as your second choice, remember to choose both courses at UiS and write in the "Extra comment" section that you are going to UNIS.

Please note that you cannot do courses at Svalbard and Stavanger during the same semester - you must choose one or the other.