PhD skills course: Presenting Science Visually

Wednesday 25 October 09:30 - Thursday 26 October 15:30,

An introductory course in poster design with textual and visual elements

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Presenting Science Visually


The course will focus on how the information can be conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner. It is importanst to have a clear perception of the target audience and the arena to be conveyed in. When designing poster, it is also important to take viewing distance into consideration.

Practice (Power Point)

PowerPoint 2016 has been chosen as a tool since it is an easily accessible tool with great potential and is easy to use. PowerPoint has many of the same tools as professional imaging and illustration apps.

Production process
▪ From Theory to Practice
Briefly about PowerPoint
▪ What it can be used or not used for

How to set up a Poster
▪ Master Page
▪ Margins/guidelines
▪ Grid
▪ Orientation (Portrait/Landscape)
▪ Options Pane

▪ Printing


To get your message across it will be necessary to understand some of the design elements and how they can affect the communication process.

Briefly about:
▪ Planning
▪ Target Audience
▪ Information Hierarchy
▪ Composition
▪ Visualization
▪ Simplification
▪ Design Elements:


The course instructor is Roy Annar Nordås, Senioradvisor at the IT-department


The candidates will obtain basic understanding of formats, composition, text and colours. They should also be able to use PoserPoint to create visual scientific posters in a smart and efficient manner.


There are no specific prerequisities for the course, but it will be very useful if the participants have an idea of what they want to convey and to whom. Generally good computer skills and knowledge of the Office programs will be an advantage.