Successful UiS Aerospace rocket launch

The UiS Aerospace rocket launch took place successfully 27 April in Helleland.

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Tre menn poserer foran et reklameskilt.
Professor Dimitrios Pavlou (in the middle) with the students Oskar Samuelsson and Caspar Aarlie. Photo: Private

The development of this crossdisciplinarity project was a result of a collaboration of students from several study programmes at the Faculty of Science and Technology. The students were involved in the following BSc projects:

  1. Fuselage (Machine): Rocket Fuselage Development using Composite Filament Winding Technology.
  1. Flight Computer (Electronics, Data): Data acquisition, State estimation, and Control in Rocket.
  1. Recovery (Electronics): Parachute System and Sensor Monitoring Onboard Rocket.
  1. Telemetry (Electronics, Computer Science): Radio Communication and Data Transmission Between Rocket and Ground Station.
  1. GUI (Computer science): Data Processing and Visualization in Graphic User Interface (GUI)

"We are proud that the rocket fuselage development was carried out by our students Stian Kornberg, Oskar Samuelsson and Caspar Aarlie who attend the BSc program in Mechanical Engineering," says Professor Dimitrios Pavlou. He has supervised the students and attended the rocket launch.

See video of the rocket launch at UiS Aerospace's home page.

For this rocket launch the fuselage was made by advanced carbon fiber reinforced polymeric (GFRP) composite material. The stress analysis in GFRP is very challenging because of the anisotropy in the material properties. The students performed analysis, design, and optimization with the aid of the classical lamination theory and computer programming in Python.

Almost 100 delegates attended the rocket launch 27th of April at Helleland. The delegates were impressed with the skills and the professionalism of the students and congratulated the UiS Aerospace team.