Storage of yellow data on a private machine

On private computers, you can not store all types of UiS-related data. You can NOT store red data, and NOT store black data. Yellow data, ie "internal", can be stored if the machine, and how you use it, meet certain requirements.

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You can store yellow data on a private computer if:

You should only store the data you are working on at the moment, and not store and store large amounts of data in the long term.

You are not allowed to regularly or automatically synchronize large folders of yellow data. Only the data that is needed should be located locally on your machine. This is an assessment that the individual student or staff must make. UiS does not want data to go astray, and everyone must help to limit the scope should it happen.

Other users of the machine should not have access to the data. Family and friends who borrow the machine must have their own accounts.

  1. Automatic security patching must be turned on.
  2. You should use automatic screen lock so that no one can use the machine if you leave it while logged in.
  3. The passwords for yourself and any administrator users should be good, and changed regularly.
  4. We recommend that the hard disk is encrypted and that the machine is completely turned off during transport.
  1. You should exercise caution and skepticism about links in emails and on unknown websites.
  2. You should be careful when using unfamiliar wireless networks, especially when traveling
  3. You should know the machine and how it behaves. Know which programs you have installed
  4. Do not install more programs and apps than you need.
  5. Know which programs are likely to copy folders and files to various private backup or cloud solutions. Make sure that the folders with UiS data do not end up with e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Adobe, Google Music, Apple or Telia's backup solution.