Nora.startup #40: AI Startup Stories - Stavanger

Thursday 15 February 2024 16:00-18:00,
UiS, Kjølv Egelands Hus, 4 etg.,
Hopperhallen KE E-456.

Get inspired by startup stories and flex your network muscles!

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AI Startup Stories

NORA invite you to an evening of artificial intelligence and innovation!

At this event, you'll get the chance to meet and network with practitioners, startup founders and researchers, hear about their latest projects, and learn about the cutting-edge technologies they are developing. The event offers a unique opportunity to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs who once walked the same academic path.

Connect with professionals, entrepreneurs, and fellow students who share your interest for AI and innovation. Explore potential internship and career opportunities that could shape your journey in the field, and learn how you can turn your passion into a career. 

The event is in partnership with Stavanger AI Lab (SAIL), Stai UiS, Valide and Lyspæren. 

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