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Illustrasjon av energinøytralt hus.
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There is a huge gap between demand and available power due to power peaks – main reason and the bottleneck for the green shift. These peaks, marked by sudden spikes in energy consumption, pose a significant challenge to the stability and reliability of the power grid, often pushing it to its limits. They're a major roadblock to switching to cleaner energy sources. Because when these peaks hit, we often must rely on dirty, non-renewable energy to keep up, which hurts the environment. Addressing this bottleneck demands innovative solutions, ranging from advanced energy storage technologies to more efficient demand-side management strategies, aimed at smoothing out these peaks and fostering a more resilient and eco-friendly energy landscape and attractive incentives for the industry to follow.

Asbjørn Lunde is a dedicated entrepreneur who has held various management positions in both Norwegian and international companies. He is recognized for his energetic approach, proven track record, and ability to build trust across industries.  As a Siemens-nominated partner, he has demonstrated versatility and adaptability across various concepts. Currently, he is spearheading the development of Powerpal.

Powerpal is a Norwegian-based company that has developed an award winning «energy as a service" solution that enables buildings to operate and control their own energy ecosystem.  Powerpal has been developed in close collaboration between Powerpal and Siemens and is a catalyst for any building to optimize and operate its own energy ecosystem. A Powerpal building can buy, store and use energy from self-selected energy sources, sell excess electricity and optimize its own energy use in relation to ongoing access and costs.  The building can thus flatten consumption curves, reduce dependence on traditional suppliers, reduce emissions and cut costs.

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