– Specialisation in marketing opens the doors to working in various industries and disciplines

Torill Hebnes (23) is studying for a master's degree in Business Administration and is specialising in strategic marketing and analytics.

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Torill Hebnes

Age: 23 Study programme: Master in Business Administration Specialisation: Strategic Marketing and Analytics Where I live in Stavanger: Madla From: Finnøy, Norway

Getting to know lots of nice people during the Fadderuke has provided a good basis for the study period.

Torill Hebnes

I am studying for a master's degree in business administration at the University of Stavanger Business School because:

I chose to take a master's degree at UiS because I wanted to work in Stavanger, and it seemed like a good opportunity to build a network there. I had also heard that there was a good study environment.

I chose to specialise in strategic marketing and analytics because:

It opens doors to working in various industries and disciplines. I have learned a lot about how a company's strategy is important for meeting challenges.

This is what a typical day of study looks like for me:

First coffee and a lecture, then team-work. Days without lectures are spent on self-study at the library and lunch with friends in the cafeteria

What I remember especially well from my studies:

The Fadderuke, without a doubt! Getting to know lots of great people has provided a good basis for my time as a student.

The study environment at the programme can be described as follows:

Inclusive and fun! We learn a lot from each other, but we are also good at taking breaks from our studies to doing something fun. The student societies arrange both academic and social gatherings that you can attend in order to meet new students and take a break from your studies. The events have helped me get to know students across specialisations and levels.

This is my dream job:

A job where I am challenged and where I achieve professional growth.

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