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Wettability and Smart Water EOR forum​

The ultimate goal for this forum is to give advice on where and how to implement Smart Water EOR.​

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Deliverables identified​:

  1. Recommended practice for core preparation of core material for wettability studies, including cleaning solvents and restoration procedure, identification of impact of drilling mud on cores.​
  2. ​IORCoreSim:  Include geochemistry to model Smart Water effects.​
  3. ​Recommended workflow for evaluation of Smart Water EOR potential and identification of important processes and “milestones”.​
  4. ​Identification and usage recommendation of important input parameters for modeling and upscaling of Smart Water EOR processes, IOR CoreSim, IORSim, BADChIMP.​
  5. ​Protocol for initiation of multiphase pore scale simulations for SCAL wettability studies.​
  6. ​Workshop on core preparation - held 2019.​
  7. Workshop on Smart Water EOR - held 2018.​
  8. Workshop on recommended workflows for Wettability and Smart Water EOR?​
  9. IOR Centre library containing PhD-theses and project reports.​

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