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Wettability and Smart Water EOR forum​

The ultimate goal for this forum is to give advice on where and how to implement Smart Water EOR.​

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Core preparation of core material for wettability studies, including cleaning solvents and restoration procedure and identification of impact of drilling mud. 

Recommended workflow for evaluation of Smart Water EOR potential and identification of important processes and “milestones”.

Identification and usage recommendation of important input parameters for modeling and upscaling of Smart Water EOR processes; IORCoreSim, IORSim, BADChIMP​ + Protocol for initiation of multiphase pore scale simulations for SCAL wettability studies.

IORCoreSim: Include geochemistry to model Smart Water effects.

IORSim: Include geochemistry to model Smart Water effects.

BadChimp: Include geochemistry to model Smart Water effects.

Recommended workflows for Wettability and Smart Water EOR.