Comenius International Week 2024

Norway has a long tradition of using the outdoors and nature as part of the curriculum in kindergarten and primary school, and there is a continuous focus on maintaining and developing this tradition. International Week in Stavanger offers an introduction to this approach to incoming one-week guest students from the Comenius network.

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Structure and prelimenary programme March 18th - 22nd of March 2024

to unge menn og en kvinne tar en selfie sammen ute i naturen
Comenius International Week at University of Stavanger is organised by ECE and is a collaborative event for international students attending Comparative Educational studies/CES and incoming one-week guest students from the Comenius network. It is possible for one-week students to be confirmed by delivering a written assignment. If you want further information regarding your possibilities, please contact us. Information further down. (Photo: Getty Images)

Comenius International Week will offer a brief introduction to the educational system in Norway, you will participate in outdoor teaching activities and visit various sites that practice outdoor education. Most of the programme is outdoors. clothing and shoes suitable for the season and local climate is necessary. The working language is English.

The week long programme can also be taken as part of the spring semester course Comparative Educational Studies, offered to international students.




Campus Ullandhaug; (location to be confirmed)
Welcome greeting from Head of Early Childhood Education Department, Anita Berge.
Introduction to the week's programme by International Coordinator, June Junge.
Practical information and presentation of your options for kindergarten visits on Thursday by Student Coordinator Line Rak Haugen.

(location to be confirmed)
Workshop on Outdoor Education and Risky play.

Campus Ullandhaug; Kjell Arholms hus/KA, the canteen (ground floor)
International evening
Dinner and entertainment. Students from Comparative Educational Studies organize a party to welcome International Week participants.


Fieldtrip. Meeting point: Lundsvågen.
Fieldtrip to an Outdoor Educational Facility for children who need special attention; Lundsvågen naturskole. You need to organize your own transport to get to “Lundsvågen”. We recommend public transport: Bus line 1 to “Hundvåg”, leaves City center, at stop 3; 08:15/08:33. Get off at “Lundshagen”. 5-10 minutes’ walk.
Google map directions.
Buy tickets here.

The event starts at 0900 o’clock with some general information, and participants will be divided into two groups. While one is getting an introduction to the didactical aims of this place, the other group will go on a boat trip trying out various fishing methods, vice versa.
If you do not eat fish/bread you may think of bringing a lunch. Be sure to dress for the weather; cold/rainy/windy. (you probably do not have to worry about the eather being too warm and sunny)


Campus Ullandhaug. Meeting point; in front of Hagbart Line house/HL
Outdoor education activities. An introduction to practical aspects of outdoor education. This takes place in Sørmarka (next to Botanical Garden). Be sure to dress for outdoor activities.


Choice between two options:

  • Kindergarten visit – for one-week guests only (Register with student coordinator Line R.Haugen on Monday, and check time and place for appointment)
  • Workshop, campus, 0900-1400. workshop related to Natural sciences and outdoor education. This is a combination of inn/outdoor activities, dress for outdoor activities.


Campus Ullandhaug (location to be confirmed)
Discussions and reflections related to Implementation of outdoor education.
Lunch (sandwiches).

Iron Age Farm (outdoor museum)/Jernaldergården
We end the week's programme with a visit to Jernaldergården, an outdoor museum built on the ruins of an original settlement from the Iron age (5 minutes’ walk from Campus Ullandhaug, University of Stavanger). Students will be divided in groups and alternate between receiving participant certificates and taking part in guided tours. International Week is adjourned at approx. 1400 hrs.

General information regarding the week

Food will be served on some occasions:

  • Monday evening; dinner
  • Tuesday; fish burger in bread, Friday; sandwiches for lunch

We regret that we do not have the resources to provide for special needs; however, you will find several canteens on campus with a selection of choices.

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Comparative Educational Studies
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Comparative Educational Studies is a spring semester course offered to international students. The target group is kindergarten and primary school teachers. The main focus is working with children 1-10 years old. The course consists of several modules and also Comenius International Week, as well as internships in school or kindergarten.

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