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Internship BØK207

If suitable to their study profile and course portfolio, program students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration can do an internship in a company or public organization. An internship is an excellent opportunity to experience the practical challenges in a real work environment while reflecting on how to combine practice and theory.

The BØK207 Internship is available for interested students that fulfill the required prerequisites. Students are responsible for contacting and obtaining relevant placement in a private company, public organization, or other types of organization for their Internship. Some organizations may offer vacant internship positions mediated through the UiS Business School or the UiS "oppgave/arbeidslivsportal" (The external collaboration portal).

Course description for study year 2021-2022. Please note that changes may occur.



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UiS Business School, UiS Business School

Learning outcome


On completion of the course, you will have acquired knowledge to be able to:

  • Reflect on differences between practice and theory in business administration.



On completion of the course, you will have acquired skills to be able to:

  • Carry out diverse business admin work tasks
  • Identify a business administration topic to practice and study in the internship organization.
  • Apply a theoretical framework and analyze this topic and suggest improvements.
  • Be able to combines theory and practice and provides new, valuable knowledge for a public or private organization.

The internship course aims to facilitate increased in-depth learning within selected fields of business administration. By applying theoretical knowledge to practical experiences, this internship course provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the differences between theory and practice and the value of combining them to gain valuable knowledge and skills for a business administration career.


The students must do 150 working hours in a company or organization in an internship position divided over a ten to 13 week period in the autumn semester, starting in September and ending no later than December.


The students must participate in a mandatory pre-internship seminar the first week before the start of their Internship.


During the Internship, each student should take field notes about specific issues they observe or experience. Drawing on these field notes, students should reflect on their Internship, including (1) their attitudes, skills, and deliverables, (2) and resources of and interaction with the host organization.


The course is an elective. The Internship cannot substitute or be included in a master thesis. However, it is an excellent opportunity to explore a topic for a thesis in the following semester.

Students must be enrolled in the internship course before they can start an internship work placement.

Required prerequisite knowledge

Completed the first two years of the Bachelor Program in Business Administration, with minimum passed exams of 100 ECTS of the study plan on registration for the course.

There is a grade requirement on a grade point average of C or better.


Eksamen / vurdering
Vurderingsform Vekting Varighet Karakter Hjelpemiddel
Report 1/1 Pass - Fail

Report1/1 Pass - FailAn internship report:
During the Internship, each student must write a report with the aim of generating new knowledge for the host organization related to the selected topic. To facilitate a relevant frame of reference and thorough analyses, students should identify and study relevant literature which can provide analytical tools and empirical information.The report should be maximum 3000 words long (excluding references and appendixes) and contain the following:
• Introduction of the topic and tasks for the host organization.
• A summary of relevant literature and other types of information that was the basis for your analyses and findings.
• Presentation of work tasks and analyses undertaken for the host organization.
• Presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations for the host organization.
• List of references
• Appendix 1: Description of the internship organization.
• Appendix 2: Description of the work conducted in the organization
• Optional Appendix 3: Relevant documentation on data, analyses, results.

The final internship report is graded Fail (U) or Pass (G).

Coursework requirements
Internship arbeid for vertsorganisasjon, Field note reflections
  1. The Internship and workplace have to be approved by the course teacher within September 1, using the template for the internship agreement.
  2. The contact person (mentor) in the internship organization must be approved by the course coordinator/contact.
  3. Participation in the pre-internship seminar.
  4. Deliver Field note reflections (see below for details) between weeks five and seven of the internship period.
  5. Present a letter of confirmation from the internship host organization after completing the 150 working hours.


Field note reflections:

To fulfill the academic requirements of the Internship, each student should submit the following report:

Field note reflections: During the Internship, each student must take field notes about specific issues they observe or experience. Drawing on these field notes, students should reflect on their Internship, including (1) their attitudes, skills, and deliverables, (2) and resources of and interaction with the host organization. Students should submit such reflections to their internship teacher during the Internship in a field note of a maximum of 1000 words.

Course teacher(s)
Course coordinator: Ragnar Tveterås
Course teacher: Aslaug Mikkelsen
Open for
Business Administration - Bachelor's Degree Programme
Course assessment
Students will have the opportunity to give feedback on the course first in an early dialogue, and then in a written course evaluation at the end of the course.
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