Avansert testing og digital tvilling av komposittstrukturar i stor skala

Tirsdag 30. mai 2023 kl. 11:30-12:00,

CIAM Lunch & Learn. Xiao Chen frå det Danmark tekniske universitet presenterer det siste innanfor forsking og innovasjon om avansert strukturell testing og høgytingsmodelleringsteknikkar av komposittstrukturar i stor skala.

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Wind turbine blade technical design from Danmark Tekniske Høgskole
Wind turbine blade (DTH)
  • Dato: 30. mai 11:30 - 12:00
  • Tittel: Avansert testing og digital tvilling av komposittstrukturar i stor skala
  • Presentert av: Xiao Chen (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Stad: Teams-møte (interesserte kan ta kontakt på e-post til ciam@uis.no)

NB! Presentasjonen vil vera på engelsk og den vidare informasjonen nedanfor er derfor ikkje omsett til norsk.

Large-scale fiber polymer composite structures are widely used in many industries such as aerospace, wind energy and marintine and shipping. Usually working in harsh environments and under complex loading, such large-scale composite structures must maintain their structural integrity and reliability over their service life with minimum maintenance and repair. In this talk, the latest research and innovation in advanced structural testing and high-performance modeling techniques of large-scale composite structures will be presented, with wind turbine blades as examples. Particular focus will be placed on full-scale and subcomponent structural testing under realistic static and fatigue loads, novel computer-vision-based damage inspection and structural health monitoring techniques, and advanced finite element modeling techniques that can predict complex frac-ture and damage phenomena in full-scale structures and their critical structural details – not only accurately but also efficiently, enabling high-fidelity and high-speed digital twinning of such large-scale composite structures.

Dr. Chen is Associate Professor at Department of Wind and Energy Systems at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He received his doctoral degree in struc-tural engineering in 2011 from Nagoya University in Japan and worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the National Wind Energy Center at the University of Houston, Texas, USA. From 2013, he was an assistant professor and then associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing before he joined DTU in 2017, where he is the team leader of composite structures.

Xiao Chen
Dr. Xiao Chen, DTH

Dr. Chen is a member of several international scientific and technical committees such as the International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress, Villum Center for Advanced Structural and Material Testing, International Conference on Composite Structures, and Interna-tional Conference on Mechanics of Composites. He is the Principe Investigator of several research projects funded by Innovation Fond of Denmark, the Danish En-ergy Agency, the European Commission, The Villum Foundation, Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program and the National Science Foundation of China. He specializes in advanced testing and high-performance modeling of composite structures with a focus on structural damage, fracture and digitalization using Industry 4.0 technologies.

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