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Iselin is a dancer, performer, maker and athlete currently living in Stavanger, Norway.
As well as working as a coordinator and university lecturer in dance at the University of Stavanger, Iselin is also making her own work and continues to perform and teach throughout Europe.

She holds a BA in Dance from the University of Chester (UK) and a Master’s in Performance from the University of Chichester (UK), where she was awarded the Valerie Briginshaw Award for "Dance Writing and Academic Excellence".
Iselin has been dancing for Flexer & Sandiland and has previously toured nationally and internationally with works by Hagit Yakira, Dybwikdans, Sticky Trace Company, Company Carpi, Jonathan Burrows, Rick Nodine, Ofra Idel and Lila Dance.
Iselin is also a co-founder of two companies in the United Kingdom; Ori Dance and Fluxus Collective.

Her own choreographic works have been shown in England, Spain, Belgium, Norway, and the United States.
Iselin has assisted David Zambrano at various festivals and workshops around the world such as Vienna International Dance Festival, CODA Norway, Henny Jurrïens summer intensive and DAR Festival Russia.

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    • Brogeland, Ane Iselin


      Making the unclean - clean enough.

    • Dybwik, Siri; Fossdal, Nils Christian; Brogeland, Ane Iselin


      Workshop for profesjonelle scenekunstnere i Japan/ om scenekunst for de aller yngste..

      Workshop for profesjonelle scnenekunstnere i Japan.

    • Fossdal, Nils Christian; Dybwik, Siri; Brogeland, Ane Iselin


      Workshop for profesjonelle scenekunstnere i Japan: Om scenekunst for de aller yngste. .

      Scenekunst for de aller yngste/workshop for profesjonelle scenekunstnere.

    • Dybwik, Siri; Fossdal, Nils Christian; Brogeland, Ane Iselin


      Scenisk fremføring, Prinsessen på erten. 4 forestillinger, 2 dager.

      4 fremførte forestillinger av prinsessen på erten..

    • Brogeland, Ane Iselin


      Imagining Otherwise.

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