Annemariet Gonzalez Comendador

Universitetslektor i dans

Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag
Avdeling for jazz, dans, PPU og musikkproduksjon


Annemariet González Comendador, born on July 14th, 1981. Cuba

Graduated from the National School of Arts (Ballet) in 1999, Havana. Cuba

Danced for 10 years in the ICRT Ballet Company. Became the dance department leader of "Conservatorio Mayeusis" in 2009 Pontevedra, Spain for 6 years and moved to Norway in 2015. Since then, had the opportunity to work in diverse dance schools in Norway, such as Den Norse Ballettskole, Oslo. From 2017 became a ballet pedagogue at Stavanger Kulturkole and UiS. Leading the Ballettprogram and main ballet pedagogue of the Regional Talent Program (TaDa) in Stavanger Kulturskole 

Versatile dancer with skills to teach the cuban ballet method, afrocuban and cuban dances.