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Camilla Ann-Louise Koskinen

Professor in Caring Science, PhD, MNSc, RN

Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
Avdeling for omsorg og etikk
KA A-115

My research profile, scientific thinking, and basic pedagogical views, have their origin in Caring Science, hermeneutics and qualitative research methods. Research and theory development take place in relation to topics such as Ethics, Caring, Suffering and Health. The research focuses on human life, patients, health care personnel and the research contexts are self-caring and various health care contexts. Research is also conducted in relation to health care educators’ competences, students’ learning and acquisition, and digitalization as a learning method .

The research areas are; Caring Science - theory formation and clarification of central concepts and theoretical frameworks, Research on ethical competence from a multi-professional perspective in clinical practice with the purpose to develop ethical caring and sustainable health care practices, Research on the phenomena of life suffering and the tension between life suffering and zest for life in the event of major life changes, Research on educators’ competence, students’ learning and acquisition, and digitalization in health education, and Application research and the interweaving of caring science theory and clinical practice.

I am a member of the program area, Life phenomena and caring, with scientific responsibility for projects within the research area, Human life in the center for development of ethical caring and sustainable health care practices (2021-2024).