Cathrine Witnes Karlson

Stipendiat i samfunnssikkerhet

Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt for sikkerhet, økonomi og planlegging
KE C-376
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Cathrine Witnes Karlson is a PhD Fellow at the Department of Safety, Economics and Planning at the University of Stavanger. She is affiliated with the NRC funded project RISKSEC2.0. Her research focuses on risk governance and securitization processes in local climate change adaptation and climate risk management. Cathrine has a background in political economy, and has throughout her education engaged with topics related to the intersection between social organization and the natural environment. She also has experience with innovation and developing new technologies as she was one of the core members building up the Norwegian startup No Isolation. Cathrine's interests span climate change adaptation, risk governance, securitization, social innovation and digitalization, critical realism, and political economy. 


2013-2014 MA with distinction in Political Economy (research route) from The University of Manchester
2012 Global Environmental Management at OsloMet and University of Cape Coast with field training in Ghana
2011 Corporate Social Responsibility at University of Buenos Aires and University of South-Eastern Norway
2008-2011 BA in Business Administration and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School with exhange semester at University College Dublin