Cato Brede

Associate professor

Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt for kjemi, biovitenskap og miljøteknologi
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Responsible for development, validation and quality assurance of LC-MS / MS methods for clinical analysis at Department of Medical Biochemistry, Stavanger University Hospital (SUS). Associate professor at Department of Chemistry, Bioscience, and Environmental Engineering, University of Stavanger. Tutor of Instrumental Analysis course (MLJ 540). Recent activity has been the implementation of LC-MS/MS for quantitative analysis at UiS, and participation in a small startup company (FishLab AS).

Research areas include new methods and tools for the quantification of proteins, metabolites, hormones, lipids and drugs, in human samples, for assessment as potential biomarkers for various conditions, such as diabetes and autoimmune disease.