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    • Andersen, Pål Østebø; Salomonsen, Liva; Sleveland, Dagfinn Søndenaa


      Characteristic forced and spontaneous imbibition behavior in strongly water-wet sandstones based on experiments and simulation.


      ISSN 1996-1073.

      Volum 15.

      Hefte 10.

      DOI: 10.3390/en15103531

    • Sleveland, Dagfinn Søndenaa; Bjørsvik, Hans-Rene


      Synthesis of phenylboronic acids in continuous flow by means of a multijet oscillating disc reactor system operating at cryogenic temperatures.

      Organic Process Research & Development

      ISSN 1083-6160.

      Volum 16.

      Hefte 5.


      DOI: 10.1021/op3000493

  • Bøker og kapitler
    • Sleveland, Dagfinn Søndenaa; Vatne, Kåre Olav; Strand, Daniel; Austerheim, Elin; Mehrabi, Ali; Bårdsen, Helga; Stavland, Anne


      Relative permeability water/oil measurements with polymer and brine on reservoir cores.

  • Formidling
    • Bjørsvik, Hans-Rene; Sleveland, Dagfinn Søndenaa


      Continuous flow synthesis at cryogenic temperatures: Synthesis of arylboronic acids in a telescoped flow reactor system.

    • Sleveland, Dagfinn Søndenaa; Bjørsvik, Hans-Rene


      Continuous flow synthesis of arylboronic acids.

    • Sleveland, Dagfinn Søndenaa; Bjørsvik, Hans-Rene


      Continuous Flow Synthesis of 2-bromo-3,4,5-trimethoxytoluene by means of a Multi-Jet Oscillating Disk milli-Reactor System as the Reaction Platform. Pumping a Slurry of KBr as the only Bromine Source.

    • Gambarotti, Cristian; Sleveland, Dagfinn; Liguori, Lucia; Bjørsvik, Hans-Rene


      A Three Step Efficient Synthesis to Dissymmetric Substituted Carbazole Derivatives.

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