Ellen Ramvi

Professor i sykepleierfag

Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
Avdeling for omsorg og etikk
KA A-276


My research areas relate to: relational work; professional relations; professional development; care; ethics of care; death studies; psychosocial studies; health promotion strategies; organisational culture; qualitative methods; reflexive practice; interdisciplinary research.

Forsknings områder: relasjons arbeid; profesjonelle relasjoner; profesjonell utvikling; omsorg; omsorgsetikk; døden; psyko-sosial forskning; organisasjonskultur; refleksiv praksis; kvalitative metoder; tverrfaglig forskning

I have been Head of the Professional Relations in Welfare Professions research group at the University of Stavanger since 2007.

My main research interests involve emotional and relational aspects of professional work. This includes research on professional development, professional identity and self-understanding in relational work, as well as research on emotional, relational and societal conditions for care and ethics. My particular contribution to the research field has been to introduce a psycho-social perspective on care, ethics and relational work  a novel approach in the Norwegian context.

My current research interests relate to care ethics in an increasingly technological health and welfare sector. I am project manager for the research project Caring Futures: Developing Care Ethics for Technology-Mediated Care Practices (QUALITECH), financed by the Research Council of Norway (2020-2024).

For some years I have been engaged in several projects on health professionals' personal and existential experiences of being confronted with death at work. One of these, was a work package in a project financed by the Research Council of Norway, on multicultural healthcare staff and their experiences of working with dying nursing homes residents in Norway. Since 2013, I have contributed to a methodology project - developing the Visual Matrix as a new psycho-social approach to investigating aspects of experience that may be difficult to articulate discursively, working alongside British and Scandinavian colleagues. 

I am a member of Network for Gender Research at the University of Stavanger, and the Nordic network Death: Emotions, Relations & Constructions (DERC). I am a founding member of the Association for Psychosocial Studies (APS), and a member of International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizations (ISPSO),  a member (and for one period a member of the Executive Committee) of the International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis, a member of the Research Group Foundations, Phenomena and Conditions of Care (Omsorgens grunnlag, fenomener og vilkår, Senter for omsorgsforskning, Vest-Norge), and a member of The Norwegian Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents (Norsk forening for psykoanalytisk psykoterapi med barn og ungdom, Nfppbu).