Gitte Westergaard

Stipendiat i miljøhumaniora

Fakultet for utdanningsvitenskap og humaniora
Institutt for kultur- og språkvitenskap
HG N-317


I am a PhD candidate affiliated with the Greenhouse Center for Environmental Humanities at UiS. My research explores how museum practices and heritage management shape human understandings of nature. I hold a B.A. in history of ideas and an M.A. in sustainable heritage management from Aarhus University. 

I am currently working with the research project Beyond Dodos and Dinosaurs: Displaying Extinction and Recovery in Museums led by Professor Dolly Jørgensen financed by the Norwegian Research Council. My project engages with the present mass extinction crisis through colonial collections of island specimens. 

I work as the editorial assistant for Environmental Humanities. I am a member of the Norwegian researcher school in environmental humanities as well as the research school in radical interdisciplinarity.